All Procurement Positions at the Ministries and Public Administrations are announced.

Date: 16 August 2017

Lack of capacity, proper structure and clearly defined roles and functions in the procurement units of the Ministries is found to be one of the main reasons for non-execution of development budgets in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in underutilization of the allotted funds, thus affecting the public service delivery at large. It is therefore imperative for the Government to address this issue on an urgent manner.
Keeping this in mind, with an intention of bringing in long lasting reforms in the Ministries and other Government Institutions, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) has taken up this agenda of restructuring the procurement units of these entities on top priority. In direct cooperation with National Procurement Authority, concerned Ministries and Government agencies, IARCSC reviewed the existing structures and job descriptions of the relevant directorates and procurement units of these institutions, streamlined their functions, roles and responsibilities and brought about revisions in the job descriptions to make them compatible with the new standards.

The purpose of this review and restructuring effort is to standardize and professionalize the procurement units in all the ministries and government agencies, to strengthen the procurement functions and build capacity, so that all procurement activities are carried out as per plan and in accordance with the Procurement Law.

The review has resulted in categorization of various procurement positions and identification of 697 procurement positions. All these identified procurement positions (697) are now announced, with an aim to recruit well qualified and experienced professionals, in a transparent manner through open competition.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission today said:” the standardization and professionalization of the procurement structures and functions, development of the procurement processes and systems to cater to the development needs of the country and manning of the procurement positions with efficient human resources, paves the way for design and implementation of the effective procurement plans which will improve the development budget execution.”

Mr. Nadery also added:” as a result of this process, the administration will perform better and more effectively in implementing the development projects and services delivery to public will be improved.”

The process of recruitment, for these procurement positions, is implemented by an assigned committee composed of the representatives of the ministries, government institutions and the IARCSC. Further, this process is monitored by the esteemed civil society institutions and media in the country. The written test for this process will be held using modern technology, to guarantee transparency and reduce the human interference to its least.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission is proud to provide employment opportunity to our fellow Afghans through an open contest and in a very transparent and fair manner.

CBR gives written test for 27 provincial directorate positions, Ministry of Education

May 10, 2017
The written test for 27 provincial directorate positions of the Ministry of Education was held today in Civil Services Institute. 240 applicants were shortlisted for the written test of which 176 individuals attended the written test. According to Sayed Hamidullah, Deputy Minister for Admin and Finance, female participants have also been seen in the written test. He also added that, in light of CBR Program procedures transparency and effectiveness are the primary conditions of the written test and only the exam paper can decide for selection of the candidates.
In addition to this, the written test process was overseen by members of the parliament who expressed their satisfaction of the process. Mohammad Khan Suliman Khil stated that, he is clear about the written test because questions were prepared under the inspection of observers. He added that, once the entire process is led on the same manner; it will enable competent cadre to be recruited which is a positive impact of the CBR Program. And we praise this.
Moreover, Hameeda Nizami, one of the candidates for Kabul Directorate of Education expressed her satisfaction regarding the written test and stated that, she hopes the rest of the process are to be taken forward in the identical manner.

Ministry of Economy director’ recruitment through CBR: bringing positive changes

April 2017
The Ministry of Economy is one of the key ministries. The ministry is responsible for the economic activities, progresses and general economic issues of the country and a number of other relevant duties. Developing policies, evaluating development plans and programs at the national level, coordination of economic and social plans and monitoring and evaluation of developmental plans implementation are the main obligations of the Ministry of Economy.
The Ministry of Economy thrives to recruit experienced and learned individuals and has chosen the CBR Program for filling the key positions. The Ministry of Economy has recruited a large number of youth through the CBR Program.
The Ministry of Economy was included in the CBR Program on 1394/5/24 in line with the decision of the Steering Committee. It was decided that 80 posts should be filled through CBR. The Directorate of NGOs is one of these posts. Unfortunately, there were some shortcomings in the work of this directorate. With the passage of time and implementation of the CBR Program, the practices of this directorate are changing. A person by the name of Ahmad Riaz Seddiqi was recruited as the Director of the Directorate of NGOs 7 months ago. Mr. Riaz has done his master’s in Business Administration from India. Mr. Riaz, who serves as the Director of NGOs, says that CBR differs from other Afghan programs and is truly transparent. What will remain in Afghanistan as a result of the implementation of CBR is the recruitment of qualified youth in key posts. These qualified youth will bring about positive changes at the country level.
When Mr. Seddiqi assumed his job, he developed three and six month’s plans. Then, for the first time, the annual report of the Directorate of NGOs was prepared in four months. Mr. Riaz completed the annual report of 1394. According to this report, 820 million USD was spent in the health, education, agriculture and social services sectors. Of this sum, 71% was spent by the international and 29% was spent by the local NGOs.
Amendment of the NGOs Law is one of his other achievements. In addition, he has created a website. NGOs can register online and will submit their activity reports online in the near future. On the day of distribution of licenses, a presentation is given to the recipients of licenses so that they do not face problems.
Before Mr. Seddiqi took up as the Director of NGOs, licenses were issued individually, but now they are issued collectively. In 1394, 2,300 NGOs were registered. In 1395, this number increased.
Mr. Seddiqi says that the CBR Program recruits eligible individuals. When anyone is covered under this process, he/she will obtain full information about the transparency of CBR. He added that he wants to fill the positions of the Directorate of NGOs to the possible extent through the CBR Program.
On the other hand, women also have a role in the economy of the country and will prove much useful in the NGOs. Although women are facing a lot of problems, they still can advance. Kubra Tawasuli is a woman who has been employed through CBR as the Director of Projects in the Ministry of Economy. She comes from Ghor province and has done her bachelor’s in economics from Iran. She has received her master’s in economics from India. She has made a great deal of achievements. Before her taking over as the Director of Projects, 24 developmental projects would be designed in one year while now 24 projects have been designed only in four months.
The 1396 plan has been developed and based on this plan, work is being done. Mrs. Tawasuli says that through this transparent program many women should be recruited and attention should be paid to their capacity building. She added that the difference of CBR Program with other programs is that it overlooks nationality, tribe, language and race and gives priority to competence, talent and eligibility.

CBR Program Annual Performance Report presented to the Council of Ministers Meeting

April 2017

On 1396/1/27 the Cabinet meeting was held in Sapidar Palace under the chairmanship of His Excellency, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan where the annual performance report of the CBR Program was also included in the agenda of this cabinet meeting.
Dr. Najibullah Wardak, the CBR Program Director in the Ministry of Finance presented the Program’s annual report to the Cabinet. About the progresses of the program, Dr. Wardak said that improvements were made last year in the indicators of the ministries. For instance, the increased development budget execution, increased revenue mobilization, increased civil servants recruitment, increased number of female recruitment and business process simplification are the key indicators in which progress is visible. Similarly, Dr. Wardak added that by the end of 1396 fiscal year, 1,500 civil servants will be employed and the reform plans of these ministries and agencies will be completed.
In the conclusion of the meeting, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government recognized the achievements of the CBR Program and ordered that a separate meeting should be held for the better implementation of the program and for the follow-up of some issues.

Only two complaints out of 1000+ applicants signs a transparent recruitment process

April, 2017
The Capacity Building for Results (CBR) is a reform focused and strengthening the capacity of Afghan civil servants program. The Program’s primary objectives are: attracting professional cadre, business process simplification, establishing permanent capacity into Tashkil, improving development budget execution and decreasing dependency on parallel structures in government institutions. Recruitment under this program is meticulously and transparently processed.
One of the responsibilities of the CBR Project Support Unit at the Ministry of Finance is the recruitment of Technical Assistances (TAs) for the government institutions aimed at the development and implementation of these institutions CBR-Proposals. During last fiscal year, the Program Support Unit at MoF recruited 85 long term and mid-term TAs which have been processed based on proposals from the administrations engaged in the CBR Program with approval from the program’s Steering Committee.
According to reports of the Human Resources Unit of the CBR Program- MoF, 4000+ applications were received. Abdul Khaliq Mosawi, Head of the Unit said that, they have allowed the chance to the applicants for complaining in the entire process, but, only two complaints were registered – the complaints were addressed respectively.
Transparency in recruitment is one of the key priorities for the CBR Program. Dr. Najibullah Wardak, Director of the CBR Program at the Ministry of Finance expresses his satisfaction of the recruitment process and added that, the primary objective of the CBR Program is designing and implementing reforms in the government institution and the recruitment of short term TAs has been effective in this regard. Mr. Wardak emphasized on transparency in each process that will lead to increased credibility of the program to achieve defined goals.
The Capacity Building for Results Program was launched in 2012 with the primary objective to strengthen the capacity of government institutions for better services and is supposed to be completed until the end of the current fiscal year.

CBR Program aids in Patient Satisfaction at the central hospitals through the new leadership appointed under CBR Program

Afghans usually travel to neighboring countries for treatment purposes. The majority of Afghans traveling to Pakistan and India are due to health problems- the primary reason is said to be low healthcare services delivery to the people. Despite the increased number of private hospitals; people are unsatisfied with the health care provided in these hospitals.
Business Process Simplification in government institutions is one of the primary objectively indicators of the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) with the commitment on the process simplification has been one of the primarily engaged ministries in the CBR Program.
The Ministry of Public Health engaged in the CBR Program on July 2015, with approval of the program’s Steering Committee; the ministry can recruit 110 individuals under the CBR Program. Besides the recruitment of distinct key personal in various positions under the CBR Program, the ministry has announced vacancies of directorate of 19 hospitals. In the past month, the ministry recruited directors of Ibn Sina Emergency Hospital, Afghan-Japan Hospital and Rabia Balkhi Hospital in various processes.
In the past, the citizens referred to these hospitals for treatment were complaining of low services delivery, while citizens that referred to these hospitals now; are expressing satisfaction about the staff’s way of treatment, facilities and quality of the healthcare services provided by these hospitals.
One of the patients is Karima, 32 with Stomach abnormality. She has visited this hospital several times in the past suffering low health care providing. The last she visits the hospital; she is treated differently and checked by Head of the Hospital. Mrs. Karima made the following statement “I felt like I am in a different hospital. Everything has changed here”.
Though these changes have been recently brought; Amir Badhsha Rahmatzai Mangal, the newly appointed Director of the Ibn Sina Hospital through the CBR Program said that, he is committed to more process simplification, betterment in services delivery and permanent changes. Amir Badsha, the current Director of the Hospital is a graduate of Medical Science of Kabul University with a Master degree from Indonesia in Public Health.
Mr. Mangal calls CBR as the hero program in Afghanistan; stating that, the transparency and professionalism in the CBR Program will result in long-lasting reforms in Afghanistan.
Furthermore, one of the priorities of the CBR Program is providing women with further opportunities in key governmental positions. According to the quotas given by the Afghan government, women should hold 30% of positions in the CBR Program.
Dr. Sediqa Abdullah Adeeb, is recruited as the Director of Rabia Balkhi hospital after successfully passing the CBR Program tests. She is graduated from Kabul Medical University with specialization in Obstetric Gynecology from Estiqlal Hospital. Mrs. Adeeb holds a Master degree in Obstetr

Nader Naderi meets CBR Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit Head, Staff


April 2, 2017

Honorable Nader Naderi, Director of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission met with the CBR Program Director, Dr. Najibulla Wardak, Heads of Units and international advisors of the CBR Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit today in his office.

Honorable Najibullah Wardak, Director of the CBR Program at the Ministry of Finance commenced the meeting introducing the PSU members and spoke briefly about the CBR Program’s current status and its stakeholders. Furthermore, heads of CBR Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement and Communications Unit discussed their activities and highlighted their future plans.

Honorable Nader Naderi subsequently praised the great work carried out by the CBR Program and stated that, unlike other recruitment programs; CBR is a reforms focused initiative. Mr. Naderi, emphasized that no one, at any level, will be tolerated to interfere in the transparent working manner of the CBR Program.

The Director of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission added that, there will be soon changes brought in the structure of the Program that will lead to attain primarily defined goals. He also highlighted that, the government leadership’s instructions are in place respectively.

IDLG and ANSA CBR-Proposals in New Format Goes under Review

In the aftermath of the training workshops on CBR-Proposal’s new format to Line Ministries and Agencies; the Independent Directorate of Local Governance and Afghanistan National Standard Authority’s CBR-Proposals were developed in the latest template and submitted to CBR-MoF for review.
The CBR Program’s technical team and program advisors gathered various meetings to review the Proposals. The CBR technical team presented ANSA’s proposal to the attendees and stated that, the Proposal is developed in conjunction with the ANSA teams and essential amendments were made not only in the “Tashkil” section but in the Reforms and Business Process Simplification sections, likewise. Moreover, the CBR Program Director at the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Najibullah Wardak appreciated the teams’ efforts in developing the Proposals, and other specific issues were discussed in the meeting which resulted into finalization of the draft Afghanistan National Standard Authority’s CBR- Proposal.
Lastly, the attendees also proposed specific suggestion and revisions in the Proposal. The meeting called upon finalization of the ANSA Proposal once the IDLG CBR-Proposal goes under review.

The Administrations Views’ Regarding CBR Training Programs Assessment Session Held

The session organized for the purpose of assessing the administration’s view points about the CBR training programs was held at the Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Program’s main office was attended by representatives of five Line Ministries. These representatives were from, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Commerce and Industries, the Ministry of Education, Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Energy and Water.
The primary objective of the session was to assess the view points and needs of the administration into for the CBR training programs; where the representatives spoke about their needs to training programs and requested the CBR Program to support these administrations in undertaking long term- Bachelor and Master degree levels and short term training programs inside the country and abroad; in order to bring positive changes in these ministries through capacity building.

The CBR Program Director at MoF, Dr. Najibullah Wardak stated that, since CBR is a reforms-focused program; its only objective isn’t recruitment only, therefore, we will turn more attention in bringing reforms and training programs. Mr. Wardak added that, organizing training programs is one of the priorities aimed at improving the capacity of civil servants.
According to the Program Director at MoF, concept of the training programs is prepared and will be shared the representatives of the ministries’ in coming weeks. The session is designed for two days and will be extended tomorrow with representatives from other ministries. The recruitment target under CBR is 1500 individuals where roughly 1000 recruitments have been finalized in the past year, therefore, the major part of 2017 will be focused on bringing reforms and training.

The CBR, Ministry of Finance Project Support Unit Celebrates the International Women’s Day

The celebration took place in CBR main office, where besides honoring women’s role in the society, female team members were appreciated, and their great work was recognized.

Dr. Najibullah Wardak, praised the tireless work and dedication of Afghan women in various sectors, and stated that one of the primary objectives of the CBR Program is to increase the role of women in civil services sector of Afghanistan.

He also highlighted that, the leadership of the CBR program is committed to this liability and will carry out further efforts towards achieving this objective in the current year.

Furthermore, Miss.Saida Faqirzada member of the Human Resources Unit of the CBR Program made the following statements “I appreciate the Program leadership’s commitment in upholding gender equality in the work place. Working environment in CBR is safe – mentally and physically and there is no concern in this regard”

Lastly, some gifts were also distributed to the female members of the team.

March 8 - International Women’s Day is celebrated each year in different manners in Afghanistan.

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