All Procurement Positions at the Ministries and Public Administrations are announced.

Date: 16 August 2017

Lack of capacity, proper structure and clearly defined roles and functions in the procurement units of the Ministries is found to be one of the main reasons for non-execution of development budgets in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in underutilization of the allotted funds, thus affecting the public service delivery at large. It is therefore imperative for the Government to address this issue on an urgent manner.
Keeping this in mind, with an intention of bringing in long lasting reforms in the Ministries and other Government Institutions, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) has taken up this agenda of restructuring the procurement units of these entities on top priority. In direct cooperation with National Procurement Authority, concerned Ministries and Government agencies, IARCSC reviewed the existing structures and job descriptions of the relevant directorates and procurement units of these institutions, streamlined their functions, roles and responsibilities and brought about revisions in the job descriptions to make them compatible with the new standards.

The purpose of this review and restructuring effort is to standardize and professionalize the procurement units in all the ministries and government agencies, to strengthen the procurement functions and build capacity, so that all procurement activities are carried out as per plan and in accordance with the Procurement Law.

The review has resulted in categorization of various procurement positions and identification of 697 procurement positions. All these identified procurement positions (697) are now announced, with an aim to recruit well qualified and experienced professionals, in a transparent manner through open competition.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission today said:” the standardization and professionalization of the procurement structures and functions, development of the procurement processes and systems to cater to the development needs of the country and manning of the procurement positions with efficient human resources, paves the way for design and implementation of the effective procurement plans which will improve the development budget execution.”

Mr. Nadery also added:” as a result of this process, the administration will perform better and more effectively in implementing the development projects and services delivery to public will be improved.”

The process of recruitment, for these procurement positions, is implemented by an assigned committee composed of the representatives of the ministries, government institutions and the IARCSC. Further, this process is monitored by the esteemed civil society institutions and media in the country. The written test for this process will be held using modern technology, to guarantee transparency and reduce the human interference to its least.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission is proud to provide employment opportunity to our fellow Afghans through an open contest and in a very transparent and fair manner.