How to apply for CBR Program?

CBR Application process has four stages:

Stage 1: Initial Application Form

All ministries come under Tier 1, if a ministry want to apply for higher level of support (Tier 2 and 3), they need to fill the CBR initial application form and provide the required information in the given format. The main objective of the form is to determine the Tier of the Ministry.

After the submission of the application form, MOF PSU and IARCSC PSU start evaluation of the provided information and documents against the approved criteria and will cross check relevant section with the Civil Services Management Department of IARCSC and Budget Department of MOF. Once the Tier of the Ministry is specified, MoF and IARCSC PSUs sends the application to the Steering Committee for approval and the result of the Tier is formally announced to the Ministry. Click on the below link for open the CBR Initial Application Form.

CBR Initial Application Form

Stage 2: Development of CBR Proposal

Once the Tier is identified, the ministry needs to commence drafting CBR program Proposal and Results Framework, which should cover the ministry’s activities for 3 - 5 years. At the proposal development stage the line ministry will introduce a focal point who will regularly receive assistance from the CBR Advisory Group and Public Administration Reform Advisors.

Ministries applying for Tier one doesn’t need to submit a proposal however there is need to submit proposal while applying for higher support levels. Click on below links to open the format for CBR proposals.

Stage 3: Submission, review and approval of CBR Proposal

The ministry needs to submit its completed CBR Proposal to the MoF PSU through Civil Service Management Department (CSMD). MoF PSU as the Steering Committee Secretariat presents the proposal to the Independent Experts Group (IEG) and after its review; the Steering Committee deliberates and review the CBR Proposal considering the suggestions and comments of IEG.

Stage 4: Implementation of CBR Proposal

Line Ministry starts commencing the agreed reform program, and MOF PSU and IARCSC PSU start provision of resources as per the approved plan.

Application Process for Tier 3 Ministries

Application Process for Tier 2 Ministries