Communications Unit

The CBR Communications Unit is established with an aim to promote the overall awareness, activities and achievements of the Capacity Building for Results program to the key audiences and build a professional communication network with relevant stakeholders using different communication tools. The overall objectives of the CBR Communication unit are:

  • Raise public awareness about CBR as a government-led effort to enable the ministries to improve service delivery to the Afghan people;
  • Establish communications capacity at the Ministry of Finance and IARCSC to effectively handle all necessary communications efforts for the project.
  • Draw and handle all CBR internal and external Communication activities;
  • Highlight and disseminate the CBR achievements based on its results, persuade the public sectors for more accountability and disposal its achievements for public;
  • Disseminate information and encourage Afghan professionals to apply for CBR civil service positions;

The Communications Unit coordinates communication activities between all players involved in the CBR project including Communication Unit at the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC). Both units introduces CBR to the line ministries through different communication tools including presentations, group emails, print materials, workshops, seminars and meetings and regularly responds to their queries/concerns about CBR.

In addition, both unit also provides public awareness messages and other communications materials about CBR to the MoF Spokespersons Department and IARCSC Public Relations Directorate and verify any public relations contents (talking points, interview points, etc.) reflect correct messages about CBR.